GCLC | Verfassung

: Global-Common-Law-Grand-Council with this Constitution:

Article 1

Full word and sentence closure is given to this constitution. The reason for the full level of closure is to void quo-warranto complaints by the fictitious courts and the fictitious Port authorities.

Article 1a

All trustees, officers and members of the Global-Common-Law-Court give full word and sentence closure by way of a dictionary and a thesaurus. Any member failing to give full word and sentence closure automatically vacates their position/office.

Article 1b

Anyone in the Global-Common-Law-Court and/or any members of the Global-Common-Law-Court filing documents in the Global-Common-Law-Court must have full comprehension of word and sentences in their filed documents, must give full word and sentence closure by way of a dictionary and a thesaurus. Failure to do so automatically makes the document claim open to interpretation and therefore is a void document claim.

Article 2

Any man and/or woman holding a public position with the Global-Common-Law-Court, their position and their names are available on one or more of the below publications:
www.forthepeopleoftheearth.org, Facebook, YouTube: mark kishon Christopher and xpose. All future platforms used by the Global-Common-Law-Grand-Council must be written correctly giving full word closure.

Article 3

Each member give notice to his/her community i.e. council and companies of the Global-Common-Law-Grand-Council’s position by open market Publication.

Article 4

The Private is Private and the Public is Public. All Public and Private is for the purpose of peace, educational and benevolence only.

Article 4a

All the members are peaceful and perform an educational role in the Global-Common-law-Court for the benefit of the Global-community.

Article 5

Any public position can only be held by election. For those that want to become and/or are Fiduciaries, Trustees, Sheriffs, Deputies, Librarians and Clerks will come by their position by elections from the local and larger community of the members of the Global-Common-Law-Court.

Article 5a

All for one and one for all.

Article 6

All intellectual and physical property is respected in full: Your name, body and your intellectual property is yours and are copy-righted/copy-claimed.

Article 7

Where the new and/or original knowledge is beneficial for the public the intellectual property owner and/or owners must be pleaded with for the permission to use for the benefit of the public. If permission is given the property’s owner must be compensated for their work, ethos and their know-how.

Article 8

All the members must perform life. (Thou shall perform life) All members and officers in the Global-Common-Law-Council must perform their duties in the same ethos and mantra in the private and in the public.

Article 9

All of us are responsible for ourselves and to our family and then the community. It is the individual member’s choice or judgement in the sequence of the performance to the family and/or community.

Article 10

All members of the Global-Common-Law-Court are duty bound to stop and correct any wrong they are in knowledge of=Misprision rule.

Article 11

All members of the Global-Common-Law-Court that are volunteers and/or paid while holding official positions that fail to stop and correct wrongs have vacated their positions by default, starting from the date/point of knowledge or when the default position come to light – The misprision rule.

Article 11a

Failure for citizens to report a crime and/or to stop a crime is criminal conduct and neglect of citizen’s duty.

Article 12

Nature manages its self, man the species is the one that needs to manage him/her self. Furtherance: nature can live without man, man can only live with nature.

Article 13

Reason and logic are the grounds for all duties. Control of feelings makes the best fiduciaries. We have feelings. Knowing what feelings are or saying to yourself through your emotions gives you direction. Your feelings do not have a spoken language. Rather the communication is by feelings/emotions, so be sure to give your feelings the correct words to match your feelings/emotions=congruence.

Article 14

his constitution is for the benefit of factual/living people. By default fictitious people with/without fictitious language have no possession of their language, duties and feelings and therefore dis-qualify themselves. (Black’s Law Dictionary 4th and 5th edition)

Article 15

Fictitious Man possesses subhuman-destructive-behaviour. For this reason his/her conduct is curtailed by all members, to hold our Earth in good trust and good health. Remember the earth functions without man.

Article 16

We, the members are duty bound to be correct. So what is correctness? Math is correctness. Complete communication is correctness. One word one meaning is correctness. One meaning per sentence is correctness. By default non correctness is fiction and fictitious conveyance of the languages. Poetry consists of the lack of one meaning per word and sentence closure. You cannot write your contracts, house deeds and property ownerships in poetry.

Article 17

The purpose of the Global-Common-Law-Council and Global-Common-Law-Court is to perform our honour-bound duty bound position to hold the facts. The facts speak for themselves and give truth and remedy, for he/she that lies knows the truth.

Article 18

The wrongdoer is given grace to stop and correct their position within 30 days, and 45 days internationally. The wrongdoer will be informed by registered postal letter 3/three times every 10days with the same claim-number-generator by the first register postal letter where by giving the wrongdoer 3 times notice within 30day period. Failure for the wrongdoer to stop and self-correct, by tacit agreement vacates his/her position to the Global-Common-Law-Court.

Article 19

The Global-Common-Law-Court has the obligation to the damaged man/woman to authorise compensation from the man/woman causing the damage. The compensation of the harm and loss must first come from the wrongdoer’s own estate.

Article 20

Due to the fact that this Global-Common-Law-Court does not have a prison, prison duties have to be contracted out. It is up to the Global-Common-Law-Council to make sure the foreign prison respects the ethos of this Global-Common-Law-Court by giving the prisoner dignity. It is the freedom of movement space we are punishing the wrongdoer with and not removing his or her dignity.

Article 21

The role of the Public-Health-Safety-Officer is in the jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s office.

Article 22

The role of the Public-Health-Safety-Officer is a dedicated qualified position held by a Deputy-Sheriff.

Article 23

All dedicated Deputy-Sheriff’s position is by elections only.

Article 24

It is in the Sheriff’s jurisdiction to deputise men and women when the need arises. The appointment is for 30 days and is not subject to renewal. Any furtherance of the Deputy-Sheriff after 30 days is by election only.

Article 25

Any public position is by election only. Any fit man or woman in a current position can run for re-election.

Article 26

Any one man or woman wanting to hold more than one elected position is to assess by the Global-Common-Law-Council and/or the Global-Common-Law-Jury to know if he or she has the capacity to hold two elected positions. The wanting and/or need for holding two elected positions is by pleading with the Global-Common-Law-Council.

Article 27

Any review of laws and constitutional matters can only be reviewed by the Global-Common-Law-Assembly. No point of law or in man’s life can be reviewed by the judiciary. Only the Common-Law-Grand-Council can better the laws to bring greater harmony, faith, duty and peace.

Article 28

The ethos of the Global-Common-Law-Assembly and any individual member is that it is the easiest thing in the world for men/women to misunderstand each-other. Therefore by default any men/women deliberately misunderstanding each-other are engaged in the subhuman activity of the fictitious-conveyance-of-the-language. It is the ethos that we make effort to comprehend each-other. The intention of finding loopholes is a deliberately fabricating miss-understanding and is considered subhuman.

Article 29

Members of the Global-Common-Law-Court are self governing. Non members have no say in this Global-Common-Law-Court.

Article 30

The members of this Global-Common-Law-Court are open and free to trade and perform commerce with any non members globally. The members of this Global-Common-Law-Court are open and free to trade with any global currencies including all precious metals and minerals.

Article 31

The members of the Global-Common-Law-Court must make all efforts to give his/her trading partner full word and sentence closure. The trading partners also must make all efforts to give full word and sentence closure. The consequences of failing to give full word and sentence closure will give the fictitious courts room to manoeuvre into your public/private agreements and contracts.

Article 32

The members of the Global-Common-Law-Court are open to contract with the universal postal union on the grounds and foundation of the full word and sentence closure. The members are also open to contract from non universal postal roads on the condition that all communications take place with full word and sentence closure.

Article 33

Any authority is based on the jurisdiction of knowledge and/or first-hand knowledge only.

Article 34

In times of emergencies all members of the Global-Common-Law-Court work together to perform duties of life and therefore will be trained in healing, nursing, in first aid and muster-master duties.

Article 35

The members of the Global-Common-Law-Court come from all cultures, races and languages and it is up to the members to show their relative position to foreign cultures on a global level. The members must make all effort when visiting foreign lands or communities they are engaging with, to make known to them that they are foreign to their lands and/or customs. This is done by posting your amicus curiaes to them before you make the visit.

Article 36

All members of the Global-Common-Law-Court can claim foreign immunity on the condition that the members give notice to the foreign country/countries, culture/cultures and/or lands that the members are foreign.

Article 37

All members or non-members of the Global-Common-Law-Court wishing to seek counsel from the Common-Law-Grand-Council and/or the Common-Law-Grand-Jury are free to do so.

Article 38

The jurisdiction of the Global-Common-Law-Grand-Council and Global-Common-Law-Court is in the here and now only. In the here and now all men and women are living men and women. All living men and women have in common the word and sentence closure. All living men and women have in common the globe. Furtherance all living men and women have in common the Global-Common-Law-Court. The Global-Common-Law-Court is global. The jurisdiction of the Global-Common-Law-Court is global. The jurisdiction of the Global-Common-Law-Grand-Council is global.

Article 39

Anyone wanting to be a member of the Global-Common-Law-Court and therefore an autographer to this constitution must have 2 witnesses, who also are members of the Global-Common-Law-Court. Each autographers will be bound together with all members. The binding process will be a blue ribbon fed through two punched holes on the left-hand side. The blue ribbon will be fastened with the seal of this court. The seal can only be opened by three council members to add memberships and/or further improvements to the bound document for the benefit for the public. These are the fail save bureaucratic-mechanisms to safeguard the constitution of this court. This bound constitution with all original member’s name and seal will always be in the public domain behind glass.

Article 1 - 39